Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Response From The Labour Group

Thank you for your recent e-mail, this response is the Labour Group position on the matters you have raised. 1 Our record is our key argument. We have worked closely with the Trade Unions and in particular UNISON throughout the last 5 years to try and protect our staff and services threatened by the SNP and the Lib Dems. We believe in public services and we believe that good public services are key to the viability of this city. 2 Again our record is to rebut all attempts at privatisation. This culminated in our pressure on the SNP paying off and producing a decisive rejection of the wholesale-proposed privatisation of core services. Remember Labour took a position right at the start of the process and said no. The SNP on the other hand said yes initially then changed their minds after huge amounts of money had been spent on outside accountants and thereby wasted. 3 We will be integrating the current plans for wholly owned internal company to ensure quality is preserved. We will work with the Trade Unions and in particular UNISON to take forward proposals in partnership and possibly incorporating co-operative aspects. In childcare and fostering in particular we might in close consultation with the Unions examine co-operative solutions. 4 We can assure the workforce that any changes in this field will be politically led centred on strong convenor ship. Labour Councillors will not be rubber-stamping anything. 5 Our commitment is to guarantee our own staff the living wage and we will seek to apply this to contracts wherever this is legally possible 6 We have fought hard for PSA’s against the SNP and Lib Dems who cut them. In alliance with educational religious and parent representatives we succeeded in forcing an inquiry into the educational impact of these cuts. The SNP and lib Dems voted against our motion. 7 We have always recognised the crucial importance of non-uniformed staff to the provision of criminal justice services. This was shown by the prolonged struggle over provision of forensic services in Aberdeen. We will continue to be pro-active in protecting staff. 8 We will work to oppose and bring down this reactionary UK Government and get back Labour Government. We would call on all Trade Unions and all Trade Unionists to support us in our endeavours. We will work with COSLA to do whatever can be done in mitigation of current measures. We will support all legitimate protests. 9 The reactionary SNP councillors supported by the Lib Dems tried to deny Aberdeen City Council staff their legitimate salary increments. Labour opposed this and fought to ensure all staff received their entitlements under contract. Only our joint working with Trade Unions overcame this. In administration we would be a strong voice in COSLA working closely with unions 10. Yes we believe that green should be an important part of our agenda Willie Young Secretary Labour Group Aberdeen City Council