Monday, October 17, 2011

Pensions Meetings

PENSION MEETING - Wednesday 19th October 5pm Committee Room 4
Your pension is under threat - VOTE YES

Your pension is under attack. Not because your pension scheme is
unaffordable or even because people are living longer - it's to pay for
the deficit caused by an irresponsible banking system.

That's why we're asking you to vote for strike action to protect your

You will be getting a ballot paper this week. Please come along to our
meeting on Wednesday 19th October at 5pm Committee room 4 in the Townhouse to hear why it is so important that you vote for strike action to protect your pension.

The UK government has already cut the value of your pension when you
retire by around 15% by changing the way inflation is measured from RPI
to CPI.

Following a strong campaign by UNISON members, the Scottish Government
has said it will not impose the UK Government's plan to increase
contributions by an average of 50% - and we welcome that. However, they
have not given us clear assurances that other changes, initiated by the
UK Government, will not happen in the Local Government Pension Scheme in

You are already suffering a pay freeze, redundancies, cuts in pay and
conditions and cuts in the services you deliver. This attack on your
pension is the final straw. We need to take a stand across the UK to
say enough is enough.

So, please come along to hear why you should Vote YES to protect your

A second Meeting has been organised for Wednesday 26th at Woodhill House Westburn Road between 4-6 (please note the different date from the letter sent out)

Peter Smyth
Communications Officer

Monday, October 3, 2011

Local Government Pension Scheme Ballot.

UNISON is asking its members to vote YES in the ballot for industrial
action to protect public sector pensions.

Scottish Ministers have said they will not impose the UK Ministers
plan to increase contributions. However,  they have given no assurances on
other changes including making you work longer and changing the way
your pension is calculated so you will get a smaller pension on retirement.
UK Ministers have already cut the value of your pension when you
retire and are also planning to impose further changes on Scotland through UK legislation.

Public service pay has been frozen while inflation soars. There have
been widespread redundancies, cuts to pay and conditions and closures
of the vital services our communities rely on.

This unprecedented attack on pensions is the final straw.

UNISON is balloting for strike action initially to start on 30

We are also working with other trade unions and community groups to
organise local and national protests in support of public sector

We need a big YES vote and a high turnout to send a clear and united
message to ministers that "enough is enough" and to help persuade them
to withdraw their current unfair and unjustified attacks on pensions.

The ballot opens on 11 October and closes on 3 November.

Please spread the word so that your colleagues in UNISON vote YES in
the ballot. There are posters and leaflets to put up and hand out, and
plenty of information on our websites. There will be a ballot hotline
open from 17-31 October on 0845 355 0845.
Please vote YES to protect your pension.