Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Response from Jim Farquharson

Hi Karen, Difficult questions, but my answers must be brief. Bearing in mind that I had a thirty year career in HR in the Oil Industry, my answers will certainly be a bit different from those of your members. In that time, i was always known as firm but fair. I always try to achieve a win/win solution and am disappointed with much of the warring that seems to be part of Public Sector bargaining.Short answers are as follows. 1) Cut back on wasted expenditure and vanity projects. Try to achieve win/win solutions to problems. That means both side understanding the issues and coming to a compromise. 2) I have largely been opposed to privatisation as the saving in costs are often replaced by contractor profits. 3) Good question... It is my personal belief that the Equal Pay settlement that was imposed on the Unions has created more problems than we originally had. Bad legislation has been enacted for good reasons but without any understanding of the possible outcome. 4) Outwith my remit. 5) They should be paid a fair wage. The definition of Living Wage depends on too many different criteria. That is where mistakes have been made in the past. 6) I am totally opposed to the dual policy of "inclusion" and swingeing cuts in PSA's and classroom assistants. 7) I am totally opposed to the amalgamation of Scotland's Police Forces and the resulting loss of Police Officers on our streets. 8) Not part of my remit. 9) These are hard times and should be shared by all alike. 10) it is not a matter that I personally am particularly interested in, and so I would leave that to others. Sorry that is my lot. Regards, Jim Farquharson